Now You Can Share Your Google+ Circles With Others

Now You Can Share Your Google+ Circles With Others

Google has rolled out a new feature for Google+ that lets users share the circles they’ve curated with their friends.

“Starting today, you can actually share your favorite circles with others,” Google+ engineer Owen Prater said on Google+. “So if you’ve got a great Photographers or Celebrities circle, for instance, then you can share a copy with your friends.”

A new “Share” link now appears when you hover over a circle on the Google+ Circles page. Clicking the link will let you add a comment and share that circle with your friends on Google+. The search giant is careful to point out that this only shares the members of the circle you’re sharing and not what you’ve named the circle. That will always remain private.

The young social network is on the rise ever since it opened itself up to the public. A recent report claims that Google+ now has 43 million users, an increase of 30% since dropping the invite barrier. Another report pegs Google+ as the eight largest social network in the world, just behind MySpace and LinkedIn.

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