10 Delicious Tumblr Blogs Serving Up Food Fun [PICS]

10 Delicious Tumblr Blogs Serving Up Food Fun [PICS]

In a continued attempt to curate terrific Tumblr blogs, we present to you a feast of food-themed fun. While there’s plenty of Tumblr content looking at the more serious aspects of cuisine, we’re taking a look on the light side with some entertaining options.

From delicious daily dollops of food porn to candid fridge photos via dissected delicacies, we’re sure there’s something for everyone in this hand-picked selection, whatever your personal taste and appetite.

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Take a look through the photo gallery below showcasing an image from each blog. Let us know in the comments which you will go back to for a second helping.

1. Funny Food Face

Anjulie and Paul offer up some food-themed whimsy as they make a habit of playing with their food on a regular basis.

2. Burgers and Nails

We’re not entirely sure if this fetishist blog, obsessed with painted nails clutching burgers, is entirely savory — but it’s certainly fascinating.

3. Scandybars

This exercise in delicious dissection gives you a cross-section view of common candy bars from around the world.

4. Lunch Bag Art

This cool dad draws a picture on his kid’s lunch bag everyday. Luckily for us, he also snaps them and posts them to Tumblr.

5. Fridgemania

A cool collection of “creative” fridge photos, as curated by Moncef Belyamani, make up this brilliant blog.

6. Scanwiches

Chances are you’ve already heard of the popular “Scanwiches” blog, but as a Tumblr must-follow, it more than deserves a place on this list.

7. Cupcake Junkie

Celebrating particularly creative cupcake design (such as the awesome rainbow-themed cakes pictured) Cupcake Junkie’s stream is so sweet it might give you toothache.

8. It’s All About the Bacon

The title says it all. If you’re looking for a daily dose of bacon-flavored goodness in your digital life, look no further.

9. Art In My Coffee

Latte art is well-documented at “Art in My Coffee.” Some of the submissions are incredible. Hit this blog up for an arty caffeine high.

10. Dogs Eating Pasta

Finally, you could argue “Dogs Eating Pasta” is as much about the canine as the flour-based foodstuff, but frankly we love this blog so much the flimsiest excuse to feature it will suffice. It’s dogs — eating pasta!

Thumbnail image courtesy of Dogs Eating Pasta

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