Project Aven

Project Aven

Maybe the project’s name won’t stick, but here I am looking at my two-week old daughter Aven, hoping she grows up in a world that breaks down political and cultural barriers to spread health and prosperity through initiatives like the one I’ve just conceptualized.

I’ve just landed a relationship with Future Fortified, an innovative non-profit that I’d like to pitch my ideas to. I can already visualize the project’s opening day: cool branding, a poor neighborhood (relative to my own), some exposed power lines hanging above the facility. Inside there are aid workers, Internet junkies and hopefully some locals eager to make a better life for themselves.

There are computers, a training center and trained staff eager to get started. In here, foreign companies will find a web worker; for a day, for an hour or for a minute. Those workers will cost far less than other workers with similar skill sets, and other facilities exist that do this sort of thing. But ours will be different.

Project Aven is about plugging into the community. Resources, in the form of money and nutrition supplements come in – happier, healthy families come out. We’ll offer benefits to our most reliable workers: child care, doctors visits and other valuable support. We’ll build a family – a business really – to serve as a model for other similar facilities in developing nations.



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