A Documentary

A Documentary

Did I mention that last blog post of mine was the first one I’ve done in years? You see, I think it’d be a good opener to a documentary. If the project were a failure, a documentary about the process could still succeed. Also, online video and independent film can help such an endeavor succeed.

The film would provide a new perspective on globalization – a tough conversation worth working through (especially with my brother, Arthur). Interviews with influential tech titans (Pete Corbett, O’Reilly, etc.) would shed light on the realities of technology. Yesterday’s jobs are being replaced with code.

Interviews with public health experts would provide exposure for those organizations (CORE Group, Thousand Days, etc.) and get them interested in the project. International development experts could weigh in on the challenges and provide ideas. We’d essentially conduct research on camera.

And did I mention my wife and I love to travel? What a great excuse to do so, right?


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