Twitter User ID Numbers Cross Into the Billions

Twitter User ID Numbers Cross Into the Billions

Twitter passed a geeky milestone on Sunday night: Its user IDs broke into the 10 figures

Adrianus Wagemakers, the founder of the Amsterdam-based Twopcharts, which tracks the most influential Twitter users by city, says that there was no account number 1 billion. Instead, Twitter registered account 1000000002, which was quickly suspended

Twitter assigns a unique user ID to everyone who joins the network. Though you can’t see it on your account, you can check yours here. Twitter started with number one and counted sequentially until July, when it surpassed user ID number 500000000. Sometime after that, Wagemakers says, Twitter began giving out three user IDs and then skipping the next three. The company also skipped about 70 million numbers and went straight to 700000000. Yet Twitter’s “give three, skip three” system is very consistent, which allows Twopcharts to keep accurate records.


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