10 Pinterest Accounts That Celebrate the Olympic Spirit

10 Pinterest Accounts That Celebrate the Olympic Spirit

1. NBC Olympic Coverage

As the official Olympics broadcast network for the U.S., NBC has been preparing for and ramping up its coverage of the games for months. Its Pinterest pins tell this year’s Olympic story in chronological order, dating back to May, when the torch was lit in Olympia, Greece.

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The Olympics are comprised of highly visual events. Think of the dust that settles on the floor after a gymnast chalks her hands. Or the rippling back muscles of a graceful pole vaulter. Or the swaying flag above a gold medal winner.

Already, Pinterest users are collecting and sharing powerful images of Olympic athletes and London attractions to celebrate the games. We’ve found 13 accounts and boards overflowing with everything from news coverage to party ideas, and it’s all Olympic-themed.

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What kinds of Olympic images will share best on Pinterest? On social media, in general? Where are you accessing user-curated Olympics content?

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