Sorry, Twitter Users — Not Everything Is Breaking News

Sorry, Twitter Users — Not Everything Is Breaking News

Justin Beiber?

If you’re that excited over a new follower, we hope it’s Justin Beiber.

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The term “breaking news” has become one of the most overused pieces of press jargon. So, naturally, the term is asking to be poked fun at by the Internet.

In the new Tumblr What People Consider Breaking News, curator Craig Kanalley highlights “breaking news” updates on Twitter that really shouldn’t be labeled as such.

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When asked why he created the Tumblr, Kanalley told Mashable: “I always have ‘breaking news’ in my Tweetdeck so I see these a lot. Finally decided to document/curate the best ones.”

Are you annoyed by the amount of “breaking news” you see, or do you think that it is a necessary evil? Tell u…
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