NCAA’s Facebook Fan Committee Picks 97% Accurate March Madness Field

NCAA’s Facebook Fan Committee Picks 97% Accurate March Madness Field

Think you could have done a better job making the Big Dance bracket?

A mock NCAA Tournament selection committee comprised of social media-savvy college basketball fans correctly picked 66 of the March Madness field’s 68 teams.

The “Super 10” committee, made up of fans who submitted short videos to the official March Madness Facebook Page that demonstrated their hoops knowledge and passion, spent last weekend in Atlanta touring Turner Broadcasting’s studios, watching the ACC Tournament, and receiving and in-depth primer on how the brackets are built before making their own selections. They also documented the experience and corresponded with other fans at home using Facebook and Twitter.

“Social media played a huge part not just in how we entered the contest, but also how we showed everyone else out there what we were doing,” said Super 10 member Craig Caswell, a student at Bowling Green State University in Ohio.

Ultimately, the two teams the Super 10 picked that got left out of the actual field were Drexel and Miami. The official selection committee included Cal and Iona included instead. (Click here to check out the Super 10 bracket, and click here to see the official version.)

As the Super 10 deliberated and shared who they were considering, they got messages from some apparently confused fans who lobbied with stats and standings as if real seedings were on the line, said fan committee member Colin Casey.

“It wasn’t really nasty, as far as what you see on Facebook and Twitter sometimes, but it was definitely critical,” Casey said. “It was kind of funny, given what we were doing, but also kind of neat as far as getting more of sense for the criticism the actual committee gets.”

Casey and his Super 10 mates also got another firsthand brush with the actual committee. Former longtime selection committee member Stan Morrison was on hand as the Super 10 group tinkered with their bracket for hours on end over the weekend. Super 10 member Shelby Mast said being able to ask Morrison what the actual committee would have done in certain situations was invaluable and just one thing that made for an “unbelievably good” experience.

“I expected a lot of fun, but it was even better than I expected,” Mast said. “The official committee did a great job, even though there were a couple things we differed on. And the teams we missed, we had them right there in the discussion.”

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