How We Get Paid Faster

How We Get Paid Faster

For a number of years, I’ve done digital creative agency work as Team Lead of Social Grinder. We try to spend more time growing our business and less time running it. We reviewed payment and accounting tools in search of a fully automated billing solution. We use FreshBooks to log team time spent on various client projects. It’s one of many web-based accounting system that sends invoices to our clients. They make it easy for us to accept credit card and PayPal payments, but fees can quickly add up. Electronic bank payments are the best low cost alternative, but even the most popular apps for processing such payments (i.e. Dwolla) require manual effort from the customer and vendor with each transaction. was the best solution we found that connects with FreshBooks (through OneSaaS) and enabled us to fully automate accounts receivables for willing clients. Tech startups get it: If there’s trust, just review invoices when there’s time to do so – but let the transactional nature of work continue anabaited.

Watch our video to learn how to do this for yourself.

Feel free to download the PDF or editable Illustrator version of our Bank Withdrawal Form to repurpose it for your business.

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